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More Tights

15 Dec

Work continues to kick my ass, but I wanted to pop in and tell you more about tights.  Today it was about 77 degrees outside, meanwhile the rest of the country is being pounded with snow and winter blasts.  I just saw on that the news that we will be getting a “cold front” tomorrow in Austin, and by that they mean that it will be about 50 for the low.   So, not really a cold front.  However, I pretend like it’s winter and put on tights anyway.  My latest obsession is these:


I only wish that the shipping wasn’t almost as much as the tights are themselves.  Maybe I can find something comparable.  Any suggestions on where to look?


Man Uggs?

1 Dec

The debate about man Uggs is rampant right now because Tom Brady just announced that he was going to be the face of the boot line.  This isn’t the first time he’s made questionable fashion choices.  He was recently sporting a Justin Bieber haircut. 


Ok, but back to the point.  Man Uggs?  Are we buying into this?  Is it sexy for a man to wear shearling boots?  Should the classic tall be worn by women and men?  I’m of the camp that no, they shouldn’t.  I don’t really like to see my men do the jean boot tuck thing, but maybe I’m alone in this.  What do you think?


Perhaps the short boot with shorts?


It’s still a no for me. 

They do have some more masculine looking boots in the line that look like they might be worn by a lumberjack, and maybe I could get on board with that.  But overall this is a trend that I hope Sean stays far, far away from.  Luckily, he’s not so into trends, so I don’t really have to worry about it. 

So what do you think?  Man Uggs a do or a don’t?

I heart tights

14 Nov

Lately I’ve been on a huge tights kick.  This isn’t all that different from every fall/winter, but I’ve been feeling a lot more brave with my tight choices.  For instance, I’ve started including some patterns, designs and colors other than black.  My favorites so far are these polka dot ones from Target

I liked them so much that I managed to find a pair very similar but with hearts instead of polka dots from Gap.  I couldn’t find them online from Gap, but here they are from Urban Outfitters.

After all this, I still didn’t feel like my tights collection was complete, so I found a few patterned pairs from Francesca’s



I’m still not brave enough to try the white/cream ones, but I think these will carry me through a couple more months. 

Anyone else loving tights lately?

One Piece Bathing Suit

6 Jul

Do you remember when you basically had a choice between a hideous one piece and a bikini?  It’s so crazy to think about this because it wasn’t even that long ago.  So every spring I’d head to the store to buy a new bathing suit and hope to god that some miracle swimsuit could distract me from what was staring back at me in my home mirror.  Unfortunately, there is no bikini that does this.  So I’d pick the one that looked the best, but was never 100% happy with any of them.

Then the tankini was introduced, and although I liked the tankini, I never felt like it was very figure flattering for me.  Maybe it was the tankinis I owned. 

But recently stylish one pieces started to make a come back and I’m super excited about this.  I am in love with strapless one pieces and have already added two to my wardrobe.  I got one from J Crew and the other from Target.  Sadly, I did this a while ago and can’t find them online anymore.  So, I’ll show you some pictures of ones that I really want now.

From Nordstrom I love these two:

And from the always fabulous J Crew, I love these:

So anyone else a fan of the one piece?  Where is your favorite place to buy them?

Dress Obsessed

21 Jun

For some reason I saved up all my magazines over the last month and just started going through them this weekend.  That’s when I came across the most beautiful dress ever.  Now,  before I show you this dress, please be aware that it’s not usually my style, but now I am obsessed with purchasing this dress, or at least one like it since it sports a hefty price tag.  See, I’m going to a bachelorette party in September (yes, and I’m already thinking about my outfit), and after I saw this dress, I couldn’t imagine wearing anything else.  I visited the website where the magazine said I could find the dress, but it’s not there.  I’ve tried googling every combination I can think of to find this dress, and still nothing.  So ready to see it?


So why do I think it’s the perfect dress for this party?  Well, it’s fun which is perfect for a bachelorette party.  The party will be in Minneapolis in September, and I can only assume that means that it could be sort of cold, which is why the long sleeves are perfect.  And, if I’m ever going out in Austin for a girls’ night out and don’t know what to wear, I can always throw this on and be ready. 

I already know what shoes I want to wear too.  I’m thinking that I need an understated shoe because the dress is so sparkly, so I want to wear a nude heel.  Here are some I really like:

Charles by Charles David


Stuart Weitzman

Stewart Weitzman

So what do you think?  Do you like the outfit?  Do you know where I can find a sequined dress like the one above that’s not $775?

My Dog Ate What?

16 Jun

So, my entire life I’ve been busty and miserable about it.  But, more recently I learned the importance of well-fitted undergarments and how they can significantly reduce your size because you are no longer popping out of your clothes. 

I finally decided to put my fear of measuring tape and being topless in front of a stranger aside and get fitted for a bra.  You might remember this story because I blogged about it here, so I won’t repeat. 

I left Nordstrom with five bras that were more expensive than I care to admit, and I immediately purged my unmentionable drawer of any ill-fitting bra (which was all of them).  It was thrilling, but also a little terrifying because I kept thinking what if I need them later?  What if I lose weight and need a range of bra sizes?  But, I reminded myself that although my weight has fluctuated, my boobs have not.  So out they went. 

And guess what?  I feel like I need them.  Or really just one of them.  See, we have a sweet little dog named Belle:

Belle likes to eat stuff that you leave lying around.  I’m usually cognizant of this and will avoid leaving anything on the ground for fear that she might eat it, but it was Friday night, I was tired and just threw my bra on the ground.  The next morning as I was still rubbing sleep from my eyes, I noticed that my bra had moved, and not only had it moved it was now in 2 pieces!  Excuse me? 

That’s right, the bra had been destroyed by Belle.  I heard some rustling, but it was Saturday morning, and the dogs can be jerks and I know they make noise on purpose so that they can then wake me up, “Oh!  You’re awake!  Great! Let’s start the day and do fun stuff!”  I wasn’t going to do it, only this day I really should have. 

So, I lost one of my 5 bras.  Which isn’t terrible, but it was the only nude bra of the bunch.  Which means now I’m committing all sorts of fashion faux pas by wearing black, purple or pink bras with everything, including white shirts.  Yep, that’s right, I am.  I can’t bring myself to spend another $100 or more dollars on a bra at this point, so sorry if you can see my bra.  Eventually, I’ll break, but until then,  sorry guys. 🙂