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Fall Wedding

20 Oct

I’m leaving Thursday morning for my friend Ashley’s wedding where I’m a bridesmaid.  So, I thought I’d leave you with a little fall wedding inspiration. 


Sigh.  I love the fall.  I was really happy we had a spring wedding, but fall was definitely a close second. 

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Bridal Shower!

13 Sep

OMG.  The shower was so fun!  I probably went overboard with a few things, but I love the bride, so it was worth it.

Yep, that girl. We went to college together in Boston and I met her on my very first day when I was moving in the dorms.  She was my next door neighbor.

So I was in charge of favors, and I decided that I wanted to do a dessert table and let people take treats home as their favor.  I also had to be sure that whatever I picked could be transported on an airplane since I live in Austin and the party was in Minneapolis.  And, I knew that I didn’t want to bring that stuff back with me, so I hoped that whatever dishes I bought could be used by the bride at her wedding, or just at her house after the wedding.

I started with the boxes and a sign for the treats:

I stamped all the boxes in Austin and put them together once I got to MSP.

Then, I got the desserts.  All of these traveled with me on the plane, except the strawberries:

Cake Pops

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Rock Candy

And some swedish fish,  licorice, and personalized Jones soda.

And signs for all the treats

A Love is Sweet Sign

And the whole table

I had so much fun.  I only wish I’d taken better pictures!

Some Lost Photos

29 Jul

If you followed me on Weddingbee, I know you’ve already seen some of my bridals, but I thought I’d share a few more.  Also, as an update to my pictures that I discussed here, I got the proofs!!  I’m still waiting on the actual CD, but hopefully I’ll get that soon and I can start my recaps.  I’ve actually already written a few of the posts, now I just need the pictures to accompany them.

Anyhoo, I LOVED doing my bridals.  We started around 8:30 in the morning and went until about 1.  We bounced around to a lot of different locations and I felt like a model.  My poor friend Kim was feeling a wee-bit hungover so I’m sure bouncing around from location to location wasn’t quite as fun for her.  But she was a trooper.  There were lots of times when my photographer would ask her to blurt out something embarrassing about me to get me to laugh, but she was a good friend and kept it clean.  Thanks, Kim!! 

So this picture looks totally different from what it looked like in person.  There was so much trash floating around in the water, but Photoshop is amazing.

Then, with this picture we were only steps away from some animals poop, and I think my face says it all here, “Are we almost done with this spot.”

For this one, I totally felt like I was concealing a baby bump in my wedding dress (for the record, I wasn’t)

So, I don’t necessarily love the way I look in these photos, but I loved the location.  Only, it was really a restaurant and we got a lot of stares.  It was SO hilarious to see the difference between little boys and girls.  The little girls all were so surprised to see a “princess” there, and the little boys were way more into the farm decor around me and didn’t even notice I was there.  In fact, one little boy yelled out about a tractor he saw that I was sitting next to and didn’t even notice me there.  I laughed hysterically.

And my favorites at the fro yo shop:

So fun!  When else in your life do you get to stuff like this, except for when you’re a bride??  I love it!

Wedding Shower and a Dessert Table

26 Jul

So one of my really good friends from college is getting married in October (yay Ashley!  so if you want to be surprised about any aspect of your shower, this is not the post for you).   We are throwing a shower for her in Minneapolis over Labor Day weekend, and I am putting together the dessert table for it.  I am SUPER excited about it for a couple of reasons.  1.  I love dessert. 2. I didn’t have one at our wedding and I love the idea.  I drool when I look at Amy Atlas’ blog.   I hope that the decorations I’ve chosen will be useful for her for the wedding since she said she still doesn’t have everything she needs. 

Well, the first thing I got was from one of my bee friends.  See, she hosted a shower for a friend of hers, and I read about it and her beautiful dessert table on her blog.  Her decor was fabulous!  I thought I would use it as inspiration, but then I decided I should just ask her if she was willing to sell it to me because we all know there is no way I could make it as nice as she did.  Luckily she was willing to sell!!   So who was it?  The talented Mrs. Mascara who now blogs over at Bijou Lovely

I got the Love is Sweet banner and garland seen here:

I’m focusing on red and white items for the desserts. 

Here are some ideas I’m throwing around…

Rock Candy:


Cake pops (They’re so cute!  How can I not make them??)


Marshmallows (I know this is nougat, but pretend it’s not):


Whoopie pies:


White chocolate covered strawberries:


Swedish Fish:




Personalized Jones Soda:


So what do you think?   Am I missing anything?  Do I need more candy less baked goods or vice versa?  I can’t wait!!

Panic Attacks

7 Jul

We are quickly approaching the 3 month anniversary of our wedding.  And, no I’m not having panic attacks because we’re married.  I’m having panic attacks because I don’t have my pictures yet. 

About 4 weeks ago I was seriously worried.  My photographer wouldn’t answer my phone calls, wouldn’t call me back, and I had no idea what was going on.  Finally, I decided that I would call her from a different phone so she wouldn’t recognize the number.  And what do you know, she answered.  During that phone call I explained to her how worried I was, and she said she wasn’t avoiding me, but that she didn’t want to talk to me until she had good news (that my pictures were done).  Um…that’s not how it works.  So, from that point on we had regular communication, but my pictures still weren’t ready. 

Well, about 2 weeks ago, she told me they were all edited and she would just upload them in whatever program she was using and would send them to me.  Like I said, 2 weeks ago. Now I know I don’t have fancy uploading programs like photographers do, but I can upload my pictures in about 10 minutes.   So what’s the hold up?  I tried calling yesterday, no answer.  I tried calling today.  No answer.  I tried calling from Sean’s phone (a number she doesn’t know), no answer. 

So, my florist is friends with my photographer, and I am at the point that I am probably going to call her to see if she has any advice.  The good thing is that my florist is super responsive, and always has been.  She’s also very sweet, and I don’t necessarily want to drag her into whatever this is, but I’m at the point where it’s waking me up at night, so I need to do something. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have anyway to wrap this up except to say I’m seriously sad.   When I think about it, I want to cry.  So, if you’ve asked me about it, and I’ve ignored you, it’s not because I meant to.  Ok, well I did mean to, but mostly it’s because I’m afraid I might break down in tears if I allow myself to think about it too much.   

On a positive note, my videographer mailed out our video a couple days ago, so I should hopefully get it tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see it!  I know it will be great.