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Preparing for Thanksgiving

21 Nov

So, you know that we’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house, and you might remember that we just got a dining table, but we have no chairs (I tried to insert links to these items, but apparently wordpress hates me).   Ok, so we have one chair.  In an effort to have seats for everyone, we were on the hunt for more dining chairs this weekend, but we were spoiled by our earlier finds, and wanted to find something in the same price range ($25/chair).  We hit up Goodwill first, but it was a total bust.  I was intrigued by the auction they had going on, but none of the items were worth bidding on. 

So, we headed next door to the Salvation Army and I found a great chair.  Sean is convinced that it’s not a dining chair, but I told him that he needed to think outside the box.  So what did we get?  This chair:

It has great nailhead detail, which I think you can see a little more of here:

This chair was $25!  I think it looks great at the head of the table.  So, what do you think?  Could it pass for a dining chair?

Also, since we’re preparing for Thanksgiving, I found a few things at Target, and used some of my leftover wedding stuff.  Here’s a sneak peek of our table set up:

More to come after Thanksgiving!



21 Nov

I’ll come back with a real post later, but this from The Daily What was too funny not to share:

Happy Sunday!