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New Blog!

23 Jan

So, I joined the ranks of the many before me that finally got their own site!  I feel like a real blogger!  I hope you all will continue to follow me there because I’ve loved reading all of your comments and appreciate all of your suggestions and advice.  It’s been so helpful!!  You will need to update your RSS reader with my new site, which is

Just to entice you over, here’s what the layout of the new site looks like:

But, I know that’s not good enough, so quick, come over.  Click here!  Hope you like it!


Hello world!

12 Jun

Welcome, everyone!  I’m coming off my post-wedding high and ready to move on with my life and start talking about new things.  You may remember me from Weddingbee or from Happy Go Lucky Wedding, and if you don’t, that’s ok too.  I’ve missed blogging so much that I figured it was time to start a new blog  with new ideas.  I can’t wait to share everything with you all.  Thanks for reading!