One Piece Bathing Suit

6 Jul

Do you remember when you basically had a choice between a hideous one piece and a bikini?  It’s so crazy to think about this because it wasn’t even that long ago.  So every spring I’d head to the store to buy a new bathing suit and hope to god that some miracle swimsuit could distract me from what was staring back at me in my home mirror.  Unfortunately, there is no bikini that does this.  So I’d pick the one that looked the best, but was never 100% happy with any of them.

Then the tankini was introduced, and although I liked the tankini, I never felt like it was very figure flattering for me.  Maybe it was the tankinis I owned. 

But recently stylish one pieces started to make a come back and I’m super excited about this.  I am in love with strapless one pieces and have already added two to my wardrobe.  I got one from J Crew and the other from Target.  Sadly, I did this a while ago and can’t find them online anymore.  So, I’ll show you some pictures of ones that I really want now.

From Nordstrom I love these two:

And from the always fabulous J Crew, I love these:

So anyone else a fan of the one piece?  Where is your favorite place to buy them?

One Response to “One Piece Bathing Suit”

  1. Mina 07/07/2010 at 10:40 am #

    those are really cute. i love retro-looking one-piece suits. you sound all ready for summer!

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