My Dog Ate What?

16 Jun

So, my entire life I’ve been busty and miserable about it.  But, more recently I learned the importance of well-fitted undergarments and how they can significantly reduce your size because you are no longer popping out of your clothes. 

I finally decided to put my fear of measuring tape and being topless in front of a stranger aside and get fitted for a bra.  You might remember this story because I blogged about it here, so I won’t repeat. 

I left Nordstrom with five bras that were more expensive than I care to admit, and I immediately purged my unmentionable drawer of any ill-fitting bra (which was all of them).  It was thrilling, but also a little terrifying because I kept thinking what if I need them later?  What if I lose weight and need a range of bra sizes?  But, I reminded myself that although my weight has fluctuated, my boobs have not.  So out they went. 

And guess what?  I feel like I need them.  Or really just one of them.  See, we have a sweet little dog named Belle:

Belle likes to eat stuff that you leave lying around.  I’m usually cognizant of this and will avoid leaving anything on the ground for fear that she might eat it, but it was Friday night, I was tired and just threw my bra on the ground.  The next morning as I was still rubbing sleep from my eyes, I noticed that my bra had moved, and not only had it moved it was now in 2 pieces!  Excuse me? 

That’s right, the bra had been destroyed by Belle.  I heard some rustling, but it was Saturday morning, and the dogs can be jerks and I know they make noise on purpose so that they can then wake me up, “Oh!  You’re awake!  Great! Let’s start the day and do fun stuff!”  I wasn’t going to do it, only this day I really should have. 

So, I lost one of my 5 bras.  Which isn’t terrible, but it was the only nude bra of the bunch.  Which means now I’m committing all sorts of fashion faux pas by wearing black, purple or pink bras with everything, including white shirts.  Yep, that’s right, I am.  I can’t bring myself to spend another $100 or more dollars on a bra at this point, so sorry if you can see my bra.  Eventually, I’ll break, but until then,  sorry guys. 🙂

2 Responses to “My Dog Ate What?”

  1. Mina 06/16/2010 at 11:48 am #

    oh belle. i’m not busty, but i also had a revelation in getting fitted for a bra, and i think the money is totally worth it! we wear them everyday and it really affects our comfort–very important wardrobe piece! i’m sure your colored bras look very nice under your white shirts.


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