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Frame Wall

10 Nov

So after spray painting the last piece, I decided that it looked better in the dining room then in our entryway where it used to it.  This meant that I had a huge empty space, and it was driving me crazy.  Well, I always wanted to do a frame wall, but I just never got around to starting one.  I already had a lot of frames that I needed for the wall because before the wedding I scoured Goodwill for frames for all our signs.  I hadn’t done anything with them since the wedding, except put them away in a closet.  And, can I just say that Goodwill is the place to go for all types of frames.  The most expensive one I ever found was $4, but the bulk of them are about $1 or $2.  Also, you never know what you’re going to find in them.  One lady framed the cards she got from her mom, and the notes written inside those things were unbelievable.  I felt guilty reading them, but I read them nonetheless. 

Anyway, I started things off slowly with about 5 frames, but then my OCD to finish the project kicked in, so I started framing random crap.  Sean asked me what the hell was inside a few of them, but I think they look pretty good. 

Here is the start of my frame wall:

So, it’s not done yet, but it’s a good start.   Now it’s time to actually find frame-worthy stuff rather than dig up stuff in my closet.


Garage Sale

8 Nov

So, I was bragging about my bargain weekend yesterday, but what I didn’t tell you is where I found everything.  Well, a local non-profit in Austin, the Settlement Home, has an annual garage sale to raise money.  And, this is like no garage sale I’ve ever been to.  People come in droves looking for a sweet deal in the huge convention center type location the sale is held.  They have a wide variety of items to choose from, but my eye was on the furniture.  Within 5 minutes of being there, I found something I wanted.  But, I get anxious in new situations and I wasn’t really sure how it all worked, so I milled around for a while before I finally got the courage to go up to one of the volunteers to let her know that I wanted to buy something, and to ask her what the process was.   She wrote my name on the ticket and told me I had one hour to pay for it before it would be back on the market.  Phew!  That was easy enough.  So what did I find?

This (don’t mind Molly’s tail in the corner of the picture):

For $25!  Score! I was hoping to find more chairs to complete my dining room vision, but there wasn’t anything else I wanted.  Until I found the best find there, my brand new hutch!  I’ve been lusting after 60’s style furniture for a while now.  I’m always on the hunt for a dresser that fits this image, and finding something for my nearly empty dining room was even better.  When I flipped over the price tag, I was shocked.  $40??  Seriously?  That’s it?? For this?  I had to leave it momentarily to make sure it was ok to buy.  I was terrified that some vulture was going to swoop in and steal it from me, and Sean was in the book section.  I tried calling him on his cell phone, but no luck.  So, I took my chances and walked off to get him.  Not even 60 seconds later, I walked back to a lady buzzing around the hutch.  No!!  But, thankfully she walked away.  Sean went and flagged someone down to let them know we wanted to buy it.  While he was gone, that same lady came back and was really disappointed that we were buying it because she was just about to do the same. 

Ok, so enough chatter, here it is:

It has regular sets of drawers on each side, but the middle opens up a little differently:

I decided it’s a good spot to store wine:

Ok, so the question is, do I paint it?  Initially, I thought there was no way I was going to have it sit in my house as it was, but once I got it in, I thought it looked pretty good on its own.   If I were to paint it, I was considering grey.  I still want to do a wallpaper wall behind it.   So I’m conflicted.  What do you think?

New Obsession: Silver Spray Paint

7 Nov

So, this weekend I had a super bargain weekend, which spurred me to look at some of the things I already had around my house and figure out how I might repurpose them.  I tend to get tired of things easily and often buy new things (like clothes), so I’m trying to avoid that with housewares and furniture.  Well, I had this piece of um…artwork, I guess?  But, I was tired of it and ready to put it in the garage or hide it in a guest room that I never go in because I was tired of looking at it, and it didn’t really go with the rest of my stuff.   

I bought it at Target about 3 years ago and it just lost its interest.  But, I thought with a fresh coat of spray paint, I’d probably like it again.  So I picked up some metallic silver spray paint.

It’s a little pricier than the others, but at $5 a can, it was still worth it.  So, I pulled out a tarp and got to work:

I quickly realized that it wasn’t even going to take a full can, so I grabbed some black picture frames I had and sprayed those too:

This spray paint dried so fast too.  This is great for me because I have zero patience when it comes to crafts.  I always enjoy starting them, but if it’s something that takes a long time, I lose interest fast.  The whole project took about an hour and a half, and that included full drying time. 

Here it is all finished:


And, a little perspective on where it sits in our house:

I’ll tell you all about that hutch in the picture tomorrow.  It was one of my weekend finds and I have big plans for it!

Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

4 Nov

So, when I was in college in Boston, I lived in approximately 300 square feet.  My closet was the size of my current shower, and I struggled with decorating ideas.  Another challenge was that my bedroom doubled as my living room, so when people came over, I felt like they were immediately thrown into my private space.  But, I didn’t have a lot of choice because it was the only room I had.

Well, a girl I know, Lizzie (she’s in Chicago), recently had her home showcased in Country Living.  In the article, she debunks old myths about the rules for decorating small spaces. 

Old Rule: White walls are a must when square footage is limited.

New Rule: Dark colors create the illusion of depth in small rooms.

Old Rule: Cramped quarters call for clean lines.

New Rule: Ornate, embellished details give even the tightest spots a sense of grandeur.

Old Rule: Hidden storage is key to keeping a tiny house tidy.

New Rule: Don’t waste space; kill two birds with one stone.

Old Rule: Have a guest room double as an office or den.

New Rule: Turn the room into a single indulgence, like a walk-in closet.


Old Rule: Small places require small furniture.

New Rule: Bitsy is busy. Instead, opt for fewer, larger pieces.

So, what are some design rules you break?

Dining Inspiration

3 Nov

Tomorrow I’m getting a dining table that I’ve only seen a dimly lit photo of while it was upside down in a storage shed.  Why?  Well, it’s free, and it will be delivered to my house.  What I did notice about it in the photo was that it had intricate legs and is the perfect shade, so I know I can make it work.  I’ve been lusting after a farmhouse table, and it’s not exactly that, but I think the chairs that I pick to go with it can make a huge difference. 

My latest dining obsession is the use of a bench.  But, probably not what you’re thinking of.  I don’t love the traditional backless benches because I don’t think they’re very comfortable.   I would love to have something like this on one side:

But, picture it with a pretty fabric seating cushion.  Then, for the remaining seats, I want these type of chairs, each with a different fabric for the seat:


I tried to find a complete look to show you what I’m going for, but I had a really hard time finding pictures!  The best I could do is a picture I already showed you in a previous post, but it works here too:


Sean thinks that the bench is a bad idea because people will have a hard time getting in and out.  I argued that we don’t have people over for dinner all that often, so if twice a year, someone has to say “excuse me” while they push their bench back, I think that’s ok.  Not to mention, I didn’t envision seating strangers there together, so I don’t think it would be a big deal.  What do you think?

Chunky Floor Mirror

19 Oct

I’ve wanted a chunky floor mirror for years, but I’ve never been willing to shell out the dough to buy one.  I originally saw them at Crate and Barrel, but their hefty price tag deterred me. Then, Ikea started carrying them for $99.  I put them on our universal wedding registry on Amazon, but no one was interested.  So, I still want one.  But, I’m actually glad that no one bought it for us because I recently saw something way better than any store-bought mirror could be:

(I know, the table and chairs are gorgeous.  I want them too, but focus on that mirror)

You can see it a little better here:

I read that they made them from an old weathered pallet and old closet mirrors.  The search was on.  I too wanted my own weathered pallet chunky mirror.  And, when I say the search was on, it was really me whining to Sean that I sure wish that some old wood would show up on our doorstep.

Well, it practically did.  Yesterday we were out for a walk with our dogs, and our neighbor was getting rid of some wood that would be perfect for this very project.  We were close to home (about 3 blocks), and I offered to go get the car so Sean didn’t have to carry it all the way home, but he picked them up and carted them back.  I know he thinks I’m crazy when I find random things in the neighborhood that I make him carry down the street, but they always turn out cute, so hopefully he realizes I do have a vision.  I’m not sure what my neighbors think, but oh well.

So, the wood is currently sitting in our garage, but as soon as I finish this project, I’ll show you how it all came together!

Inspired by Doilies

6 Oct

I came across Etsy Seller, Tuuni and now I’m loving the idea of using vintage doilies to dress up pillows and storage bins.

It also reminded me of the bags that Brooke posted a couple of days ago. 

And, it doesn’t seem like it would be hard to make them on your own if you had some vintage doilies.  What would you make?