Bachelor Pad

24 Aug

No, I’m not talking about a young dude’s home, I’m talking about the show that has replaced the Bachelor over the summer on ABC. 

Source (and yes, I realize that looks like a Photoshop hot mess above)

Have you seen it yet?  If not, it’s on Monday nights and it’s usually about an hour long.  The premise is to get together all the wild and crazy contestants from the years of the Bachelor and Bachelorette to either fall in love or win $250,000.  It’s also sort of like Survivor in that every episode a guy and a girl are kicked off the show.  The girls vote of the guys and vice versa.   

But, in other ways it’s nothing like Survivor in that it’s basically just another opportunity for us to watch them get ridiculously hammered and hook up with even more people since there are 12 girls and 8 guys.  I’ve heard that they test Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants for herpes, and I’m wondering if they tested them again before Bachelor Pad. 

Anyway, what I don’t get is how this show (and it’s predecessors–the Bachelor and Bachelorette) are socially acceptable, and people’s parents (you know, real adults) watch them.  Not only that, but they are all over the cover of our gossip magazines and people seem to take a real interest in their relationships, and seem distraught over their “break ups.”  It almost seems like people believe this series is real rather than just an opportunity for fame-hungry people to get their 15 minutes.  But then shows that are nearly identical on Vh1 (Rock of Love, I Love NY, etc) are considered super trashy, scripted, and for people typically aged 18-24. 

If you need an example regarding how they’re similar, I’ll oblige.  Monday night on Bachelor Pad, they held a kissing contest where each and every contestant had to kiss one another, blindfolded, and then vote on the best guy and girl kisser.  People did not hold back because they wanted that rose.  I don’t remember Brett Michaels doing that on Rock of Love or Bus of Love (what the hell was that one called??).   I do remember some trashy stuff and horrible talents, but the contests don’t appear to be all that different to me.  So what’s the deal?  Do people automatically judge the shows based on the network they’re on?  Or is it the caliber of contestants on each show?  Because to me they aren’t all that different.  But hey, I don’t judge, sadly I watch these shows regardless of whether they’re on Vh1 or ABC.

One Response to “Bachelor Pad”

  1. Mina 08/25/2010 at 9:11 am #

    oh man, admittedly i am a lover of trashy tv shows, but sometimes even i feel like the standards have sunk to new lows. regardless, to affirm this hunch, i *may* have to check out the show. just once. or a few times. and then email you about them.

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