Glass and Cake

1 Aug

So this is sort of a disjointed post, and I’m sorry.  But, I saw both of these things and since they came from the same cute blog, I thought I’d share them together.   Which is why the title is glass and cake. 

Anyway, I’m loving all ideas for parties right now since I’m hosting a shower in a month.  But, even if you’re not these are still really cute ideas and we could all use a good cake recipe. 

I was reading Pen n’ Paper Flowers blog and she is so crafty and creative!!  She made these adorable initial jars out of the Starbucks frappuccino bottles:

Here’s what you need:

  • etching cream
  • alphabet stickers
  • paint brush
  • plain cardstock  (though notebook paper was used in the pictures, cardstock is better)
  • 2″ hole punch
  • adhesive
  • scissors
  • glass object for etching (Starbucks frappuccino bottle used here)

So you have all your supplies, now here’s what you do:

Punch a hole with your decorative punch of choice and use the leftover “frame” to create a square “template” using scissors.  Apply adhesive to the template and position it as desired on your glass bottle.  Next, apply your letter sticker of choice in the center of your “frame/template.”

Now you’re ready to apply the glass etching cream.  Using a paint brush, carefully dab on the etching cream… remembering that any part of the glass touched with the cream will result in a “cloudy” or “etched” finish.

After  60 seconds, rinse the entire area under running water until all of the etching cream has been washed away.  Next, use your thumb to remove/scrape off the frame  and any leftover adhesive and then carefully peel off the sticker.

So easy and so cute!!

Okay, time for the yummy cake also from Pen n’ Paper Flowers

It’s a lemonade cake which would be perfect for the summer.  Here’s the recipe for the cake and the frosting:

And, if you want to download it for easy print out, go here.


4 Responses to “Glass and Cake”

  1. Mina 08/02/2010 at 9:04 am #

    oh i love those etched bottles–so cute! i’m fascinated by etching cream. and that cake? delicious!

  2. amg 08/02/2010 at 9:34 am #

    Those etched bottles are super cute — I’ve always been afraid to try etching, but you might have convinced me that I can do it!

    • kelsey@mintedlife 08/02/2010 at 12:30 pm #

      Yay!! I didn’t think it looked that bad at all. And the results are very cute!

  3. Serena 08/02/2010 at 10:23 pm #

    Yuuum, I want to try that cake!

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