Condom with Teeth?

1 Jul

Have you heard of Rape-aXe?

It’s somewhat of a female condom, only it incapacitates the male.  That Dr. up there invented this condom and she’s currently distributing it in South Africa where 1 in 4 men admit to raping women.  So how do you use it and why would you?  No, it’s not some crazy S&M toy; it’s purpose is to protect women from rape.  It’s inserted like a tampon and doesn’t impact the female.  However, if she is raped, then the condom will attach to the male and stay there until it’s removed by a doctor.  If he tries to take it off himself, it will only get tighter and cause more pain. 

So I read about it on CNN, and thought wow, I’m so glad there is something to help women feel even an ounce more secure, especially in areas where they are subjected to rape so often.  No, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be attacked, but if a man has concerns that women are wearing these, maybe it would decrease the numbers even slightly?

After reading the article about something that was potentially positive, the comments left by readers were heartbreaking.  I hate that people commented to say that women would use this item as a means to get revenge on someone.  Could that happen?  Yes.  But, why is that the first place people’s minds go?   It makes me furious. 

Right after college I volunteered at a rape crisis center and would go to the hospital at any time of the day or night if someone was raped to offer them support, information, or whatever they needed.  I did this for 2 years.  But, eventually I had to stop volunteering because it was too emotionally draining.  The stories I heard and the people I met have impacted me greatly, but I was living in fear.  I still think about the girls often and wonder how they’re doing now.  I saw the worst of the worst and started panicking.  I lived alone and would speed walk to my car, peek inside to make sure no one was hiding in the backseat, and then quickly get in and lock all my doors.  Everyday.  Not that you shouldn’t be aware of your surroundings, but there is no need to be afraid all the time either.

Sadly, I saw comments like those in the CNN article come to life when I was volunteering.  I’d talk to the hospital staff and police before talking to the victim to try to gather as much knowledge as possible.  So often the staff and police were amazing and supportive, but other times it was obvious they didn’t believe the girl.  Although I did my best to be cordial to everyone, it was really hard when they were so judgmental.  Why are some people like this?  Why is their first instinct to disbelieve the girl?  I don’t get it.

2 Responses to “Condom with Teeth?”

  1. Mina 07/01/2010 at 10:15 am #

    that is a fascinating device, and you’re right, brings up a lot of issues and opinions that people have about this very sensitive and emotional issue. i don’t know why there is such a strong “blame the victim” attitude. that is so great that you did rape crisis work, although like you said it must have been extremely difficult as well.

  2. Cathleya 07/01/2010 at 10:35 am #

    Wow! How heartbreaking that the commenters were so irrational with their thoughts. This condom is pretty dang fascinating and I hope it helps catch a lot of criminals in SA.

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