29 Jun

When I was in college in Boston our drink of choice was Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR).   It wasn’t so much for the taste as it was for the price.  I’m pretty sure we were able to pay $15 for a 30 pack.  We also became friends with our neighborhood liquor seller, Abraham, on Commonwealth Ave.  I watched him turn away more fake IDs than anyone else, but it was always hilarious.  But back to the PBR…The only beer that was cheaper was Genny Light.  And, you don’t want to mess with Genny.  Or at least you didn’t in 2003, but maybe things have changed.

Anyway, we were so dedicated to PBR that we built castles with our emptys only to have to knock them down because a parent was coming and we didn’t think it would be appropriate to showcase our beer castle.  We also decided that we should try to get on their website since they have a section for you to create your own art and win free beer.  I think we spent a whole night taking picture after picture and deciding that only a handful of them were “PBR-worthy.”  So, we submitted them and waited….and waited.  We saw lots of other college kids grace their art wall, and with each day that passed we got more eager about seeing our shining faces on their website.  Well, it never came.  And we were sad.  Why wasn’t our beer-filled picture good enough for the website?    Sadly I don’t have the pictures that we submitted anymore.  I even emailed some of my college friends to see if one of them had them (they didn’t).  But, I didn’t want to leave you all without some PBR art, so let me show you the type of pictures that beat us:

So now I get it.   There is no way we were that interesting.  Maybe we’ll try again sometime at one of our reunions.  Our next big meet up is in October.   Think we should give it a go?


One Response to “PBR”

  1. Mina 07/01/2010 at 10:13 am #

    wow. that last picture is…very interesting. i have to go wash my eyeballs now.

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