Help for the Dining Room

28 Jun

Remember when I was whining about how we have no furniture in our dining room?  Well, we still don’t, but I found something today that I am in love with!  I was perusing a new blog that I’m quickly becoming obsessed with called Three Men and a Lady. She has great style, and lots of great ideas.  Sadly, I started to become way too unrealistic about my DIY skill sets and started thinking “Yeah, I can make my own art out of leftover wood from our hardwood floors” (I can’t).  This happens often.  But there are some things that I can do, and that’s purchase things, like this light fixture:

Would you like to see it from a different angle?

Yes, the rest of her living/dining room is gorgeous, but I zeroed right in on that light fixture.  Thankfully she has an FAQ section where apparently a lot of other people also loved that light fixture and kept asking, so she posted it there. It’s from Z Gallerie and it’s affordable. 

So now we can have a gorgeous light fixture to hang over our dog crates.  Awesome. 

Speaking of design, I have big ideas for our living room, but you’ll have to wait a few days to find out what they are.   Because I can’t be a total jerk, I’ll say this…I might be getting a little help from a bee design friend. 🙂

2 Responses to “Help for the Dining Room”

  1. Mina 06/29/2010 at 7:59 am #

    wow, that’s someone’s real house?? and oh my goodness we *just* saw that light fixture the other day in a store and my mom stopped dead in her tracks, pointed at it and talked about how much she loved it.


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    […] Jul So I alluded to getting some help from a bee friend here.  Well, guess what?  That help has arrived!  Kristin of Bien Living and I have been […]

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