Holy Cakeballs

27 Jun

OMG.  I made cakeballs and cakepops you guys.  Just like Bakerella.  Ok, not just like her, but close enough.  Only, Sean’s been calling them cakenuts, so you can pick whatever name you want to call them.

Here’s how it went down.

First, I made a red velvet cake according to the directions on the box, then I let it cool.  I left it to cool for a while on the stove top, but that was taking too long, so then I put it in the fridge.  After it totally cooled, I crumbled the entire cake:

Then, I mixed nearly all of the cream cheese frosting into the crumbled cake:

After it was thoroughly mixed, I started forming little balls:

This didn’t take as long as I thought it would.  Then, I had all my cake balls rolled:

Yeah, they aren’t pretty, but it’s ok, I had big plans for these guys.  Then, I put them back in the fridge for about an hour to let them get used to being congealed together.  And,  at this point I was still excited about the cakeball process.  That would soon change. 

After the hour was up, I got them back out and started forming little cupcakes.  I used cookie cutters for this part:

I put the cookie cuter through the cakeball, then grabbed the excess and put it back on top to form the top of the cupcake:

Then, I melted the chocolate:

And started dipping (and hating myself for wanting to make these):

But after all this chocolate dipping was done, I had to go and do the top white chocolate part.  Hating myself more at this point, wanting to quit.  I don’t have pictures of this part because I was just doing it to finish, it wasn’t fun anymore. 

But then when I saw them all done, they looked so cute. 

And there were even several pops:

But there were also some rejects:

Did you notice that there were no where near the amount of completed cakeballs as there were rolled cakeballs?  No, it’s not because there were that many rejects, it’s because I gave up and decided I wasn’t going to do it anymore. 

But, I’m still really glad I tried these.  I wanted to make them for my friend Ashley’s shower, but now that I realize just how many steps there are, and how long it takes, I’m not sure I want to do it anymore.  Maybe in September my memory of the process will fade and I’ll think it’s a good idea again, and maybe it won’t be as bad if I have help.  Wow, I’m already trying to talk myself into it.  What is wrong with me??  If I bring this idea up again, please remind me how much I hated it.  Thanks.


One Response to “Holy Cakeballs”

  1. Mina 06/28/2010 at 9:33 am #

    the famous cake balls! i think you did a great job and i bet they were super tasty. but yeah don’t stress yourself out when the shower arrives–no need to torture yourself.

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