Three’s Company (i.e. my life)

22 Jun

Come and knock on our door, we’ve been waiting for you…

So, we’re newlyweds and also roommates with my brother-in-law.  Right.  Awesome, huh?  Not to say that it’s bad having my brother-in-law live with us, but I mean we’re newlyweds.  It isn’t exactly how I envisioned our first year together.

The biggest problem is that I need my space.  Like get cranky, might go crazy and lose my noodle need my space (side bar: once my first niece was born 6 years ago, we all made a concerted effort to stop cursing, and for this reason we started to use new terms that we’ve never used in our lives, like “lose my noodle” but it works, and now all of these colloquialisms are part of my vocabulary). 

Here’s an example of my need for space….when I get home from work I’m like a 5-year-old after kindergarten, and by that I mean cranky.  I like to come home, change out of my work clothes, and sit around in my t-shirt and underwear until it’s time to do some sort of physical activity.  I don’t usually like to talk right when I get home, and I certainly don’t want to come home to a mess.  But, when you have roommates, avoiding messes and lounging around in underwear isn’t  possible.

But we’re making it work.   I told Sean that in order to do that, we need to plan trips or some sort of event so that we (more like me) can have something to look forward to, and also give us an opportunity for some alone time.  One of the closest trips would be the beach, but I don’t know if going to the beach in the midst of the BP oil spill is really in the cards.  So, we’ve talked about a road trip, or maybe even a simple trip to San Antonio.  We’re still trying to figure out exactly what we’ll do to keep me sane, but we’re trying. 

However, Sean was very sweet this past weekend and started looking up activities for us to do.  One thing I’ve mentioned that I really want to do is see the Our Body exhibit.  Well, fortunately it’s in Austin, so Sean figured out what we need to do to go and we are going on Saturday.  No, it’s not a trip, but it’s something I’m really looking forward to, and we still have plenty of time for a trip.

One Response to “Three’s Company (i.e. my life)”

  1. Mina 06/23/2010 at 7:47 am #

    i totally hear you on planning little things here and there to have something to look forward to and carving out quality time with the husband! great ideas!

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