Dining Room

17 Jun

Right now my dining room is totally embarrassing. 

 But let me rewind.  We bought a house 1 month after getting engaged and moved in about 3 months later.  Between our closing date and our move in date we had some, ok a lot, of work done on the house.  We (our contractor) scraped the popcorn ceilings, ripped up carpet and put in hardwoods in the living room, dining room and hallway.  Painted all of the trim, doors, and bathroom cabinets white, painted the kitchen cabinets a dark wood color, and painted every room except the laundry room.  The painting part we actually participated in.  We painted all the rooms ourselves with the exception of the kitchen and living room.  And, lastly I installed all new hardware on each and every cabinet and drawer.  There were  a lot of them.

Ok, but back to the dining room and why it’s embarrassing.   If you’ll notice those timelines up there, we got engaged, bought a house, did lots of work on the house, moved in, planned and paid for a wedding, and then got married.  That planned and paid for part meant that after the initial work on our house was done, we totally neglected anything else we wanted for the house including furniture, decorations, etc. 

The first 9 months we lived in the house, our dining room was completely bare.  Then, we got a dog that required a crate (remember Belle?).  So then our dining room had a dog crate in it and that’s it.  Oh, but wait…I haven’t discussed this yet (look for it in future posts), but  my brother-in-law moved in.  With his dog.  And his crate.  And his dog bed.  So now our dining room has 2 dog crates and one dog bed.  UGH.  This wouldn’t be so bad except that our dining room is visible from both our living room and our kitchen, so it’s such an eye sore.  Granted, I’m a total hermit and rarely invite people over, but if I wanted to, I would be so embarrassed! 

Need a visual?

Gross, right?  I know.  But here’s what I really want from West Elm:

And what table do I want with these great chairs?

Did you see that West Elm also thinks I need to have those chairs with that table?  Agreed.  I’ve been searching for some sort of farm table, and that one fits the bill, but I would love something a little more rustic like this:


I tried to convince Sean that we should get the chairs because they are massively on sale.  The cost for 4 chairs is only $796.  That’s crazy cheap!  Now how do I convince him?

2 Responses to “Dining Room”

  1. Mina 06/18/2010 at 9:19 am #

    aren’t those dogs lucky to have such a great room. but actually this is really cool because the room looks great and you have a blank slate to work with–i love the furniture that your eye-ing!


  1. Help for the Dining Room « Minted Life - 06/28/2010

    […] Jun Remember when I was whining about how we have no furniture in our dining room?  Well, we still don’t, but I found something today that I am in love with!  I was perusing […]

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