Baking with Kids

16 Jun

So,  this past weekend my two nieces from Dallas came to visit us.  We met my sister halfway between Austin and Dallas to pick the girls up, and then drove back to Austin to start our weekend.  One activity that I was really looking forward to was baking with the girls. 

I love Bakerella and came across a recipe she made with her niece.  I thought it looked like a lot of fun, and more importantly easy, so I thought we should try it.  So what was this recipe?  Pudding cups!  It’s such a neat idea. 

The goal is to melt chocolate, and make “bowls” out of balloons by dipping the balloons into the melted chocolate.  You give it some time to dry and then pop the balloon leaving behind your neatly formed bowl. 

Well, we heated up the chocolate, waited about 3 minutes for it to cool down and started dipping our balloons in the chocolate.  At this point we incurred a little problem.  Apparently waiting 3 minutes for the chocolate to cool down is not enough time.  The balloon popped in my face spraying chocolate all over me, the kitchen and the kids.  No worries, I’m a calm aunt, I decided to pour the chocolate into a new bowl so that it wouldn’t retain the heat from the microwave, and got right to dipping again.  Um…yeah, popped in my face again.  More chocolate explosion.  So out came the ice cubes, and I surrounded the bowl with ice to cool the chocolate, and now the bowl too as it had taken on some of the heat from the chocolate (apparently waiting for the chocolate to cool on its own was not an option).    Well, the ice sorta worked.  The balloon didn’t pop right away, but the longer I held it in, I was just asking for it to happen a third time, and so it did.  Popped again.  GRRR… but I wasn’t going to give up.  I decided now that instead of dipping I was just going to take a spoon and lightly coat the balloon with chocolate to form the bowl.  No, this wasn’t as fun as dipping, and it didn’t really allow my nieces to help, but I was tired of cleaning up chocolate. 

Here’s an example of what the process should have looked like courtesy of Bakerella:


Did you see that it was a child actually doing it, and she still did it better than me?  But you know what, our finished product looked awesome!  We decided that we were going to do something a little different from Bakerella (other than the failure that was the dipping process).  We decided to add gummy worms and Oreo “dirt” to make them a little more exciting.  Also, the pudding recipe they used involved peanut butter and one of my nieces is allergic to that, so we went the instant pudding route.  Probably not as yummy, but it was mostly about the presentation anyway. 

Here was our final product:

Little girl hands couldn’t leave the pudding cups alone:


3 Responses to “Baking with Kids”

  1. Mina 06/16/2010 at 10:27 pm #

    yep, it’s confirmed, your nieces are adorable. that is so funny about the balloon popping. maybe bakerella SHOULD HAVE MADE A NOTE ABOUT THAT huh? i’m so impressed that you all stuck with it, and to great success! love the gummy worms. they look fantastic!

  2. Amy 06/17/2010 at 8:06 am #

    YUM!! Great job girlies and Auntie 🙂 And what a fun project!!!


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